Elizabeth (Magee) Ainsworth
MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's father, in Shawano, on the 26th day of June, by Rev. J. A. H. Rogers, Mr. WILLIAM H. AINSWORTH to Miss ELIZABETH MAGEE
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Elizabeth Magee AINSWORTH (1853 - 1882)
Shawano County Journal - Friday, Aug. 18, 1882

    IN MEMORIAM - ELIZABETH MAGEE AINSWORTH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Magee, was born in Rockwood, Canada, July 24 1853. When she was 7 years of age she removed with her parents to Shawano county, where she has since resided.
    Two years ago she was married to Mr. William Ainsworth, a worthy citizen of this county, and 3 months since they removed from this vicinity to their farm in Angelica, and there on Friday, Aug. 11, she died, leaving behind her a beautiful babe a little more than a year old. These simple incidents mark some of the more prominent facts in a life of such faithfulness, gentleness, and devotion to others, as is rarely found in this selfish world. She came from an honest and pious ancestry. For generations they had feared God and wrought righteousness, and their sterling traits appeared in her in unusual measure. She was good from infancy, and the Spirit of God worked in her from childhood, though it was not until she was 20 years of age that she renewed the baptismal vows made by her parents, and joined the Presbyterian Church of this place, of which she was an esteemed member at the time of her death. What is very remarkable, she was never known to utter a harsh word in her life. The law of kindness was the law of her life, and it always gave her great pain to hear any allusions made to the faults of others. As daughter, sister, and wife and mother, she was unswerving in her devotion and loving service.
    She was the oldest of nine children, and while yet in tender years devoted herself with unremitting care to the welfare of those younger than herself. Cheerful and hopeful, these cares never wearied her patience, though they often exhausted her strength. Loving others, she reaped the reward of love affectionate appreciation; the highest reward earth can give. Modest and shrinking in nature, she was that kind of woman which God tells us is precious in his sight, one of a "meek and quiet spirit." She was unobtrusive in her ways, and little inclined to speak of herself, that it was only a pastor of an intimate friend that would know of her hearty devotion to her Lord from her words, but her life spoke in the plainest way of her hearty consecration to Christ. She died in peace, after a brief illness of but 24 hours. Her funeral was attended at Angelica, where she was greatly loved, and her remains followed by a large concourse to the cemetery in this city, where additional services were held. She rests in Christ, and her memory is blessed.
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