From the Shawano County Journal, Dec. 22, 1938
Poem by Geo. Magee in California paper
    The following poem was written by George Magee, who left Shawano about 25 years ago. He is the son of Mrs. Rose Magee and was born and reared here. George is now a contractor in Fullerton, California, and in his spare time writes for some of the California papers. The poem below recently was published in a Fullerton paper and expresses his longing for good old Wisconsin and, we bet, Shawano, too.
Nostalgia For Wisconsin
Shall I ever see again
Placid rivers winding down
Through the green farms neatly kept
To an elm shaded town?
Shall I hear a meadow lark,
On his post in fields of brown,
Calling spring to come and mend
Winter’s tattered fading gown?
Shall I ever sit again
By some quiet inland lake,
See the moon come from her bath
Trailing silver in her wake?
Shall I see an autumn morn
With the great sun crisp and bright,
Shining on a painted wood
Where the frost had worked all night?
Shall I know again the hush
That the snow brings with its falling,
Or the wailing winter wind
Like a lost soul vainly calling
Nope, I guess I never will,
Unless there should come a day
When they give out traveling jobs
On the WPA.
-G. E. M.