July 17, 1919, probably the Shawano paper:
Pioneer Dead
    Mrs. Margaret Magee, a beloved pioneer of this county, died this morning at the home of her daughter in this city at a quarter of ten at the age of eighty-seven years.
    Margaret Thompson was born in Scotland, and when but a mere child, came to Canada where her parents settled in Toronto and lived many years. George (Charles) Magee was also born in Scotland, and when a lad he too came to Toronto. There the two grew up and when both reached maturity they were married in Toronto. Two years later, with their first child, they came to Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and made that city their home for seven years. We say city now, but in those days, it was a hamlet. From Two Rivers they moved to Shawano and made this their home. Mr. Magee was a farmer and lumberman, and was a very highly respected citizen. During his life here he was one of the leaders in the growth of the town. He preceded his wife in death by several years.
    The children born to them were Elizabeth, who died at the age of thirty; James who died about four years ago; Martha who is Mrs. Aug. Anderson; Mollie who is Mrs. John C. Black; (the copy is cut off here).