Society notes

Newspapers in the old days ran little society briefs for each town, telling in minute detail what the residents had been up to. Below are some excerpts I’ve found which relate to people in our family.
n The cheese factory of Leonard Zernicke of Glenmore burned to the ground. Practically everything was burned. Mrs. Zernicke was formerly Miss Pearl Magee. - Jan. 2, 1928.
n Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Magee, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Magee, Mr. and Mrs. James Magee, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Runge, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zernicke, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Terrian spent New Year’s Eve at the Hugh Magee Sr. home. - Jan. 2, 1928.
n Hugh Magee, Sr. baled hay, Thursday. - Feb. 16, 1928.
n Robert Magee took a load of hay to Shawano, Saturday. - Feb. 16, 1928.
n Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Magee and children visited at the Hugh Magee, Sr. home Saturday evening. - Feb. 16, 1928.
n Miss Orriene Berg spent Tuesday night with Betty Jane Kroening. - Oct. 4, 1939.
n Mrs. Ed and John Berg, Mrs. Walter Bocher, Mrs. Tony Rawlsky, Mrs. Ernest Druckrey, Mrs. Frank Kamke and Mrs. Ernie Kroening and Mrs. Leo Blaser attended the cooking school at Bonduel Friday evening. - Oct. 4, 1939.
n Mr. and Mrs. Ed Berg and son Billy were Green Bay callers Tuesday afternoon. - Oct. 4, 1939.
n Mrs. David Black, of Shawano, is visiting relatives here (Angelica) this past week. - Aug. 15, 1906.
n Will Stanton and wife were at Bonduel Thursday. - Aug. 15, 1906.
n Deforest, Robert and Hugh Magee went up to Maple Valley to pick blueberries. - Aug. 15, 1906.
n Annual family reunion at the lake
The annual family reunion of the Winans and Magee families was held at the Lake on Thursday last. Dinner was served on the lawn in front of the Black and Magee cottages. A fine dinner was greatly enjoyed by about fifty-five. These families hold annual reunions and a very pleasant time is always had by all. The gathering this year was an exceptionally pleasant one.
Those present were: Mrs. Murray, Mrs. McCord, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks, Chas. Brooks and family, Mrs. Schneider and children, Mrs. Chas. Magee Sr., Jas Magee and family, Aug. Anderson and family, John Black and family, Chas. Magee and family, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Wm. Gibbs and children, Geo. Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. F. Perry, Mrs. Williams, Grace and Belle Ainsworth, Oscar Wiegand, Doretha and Chas. Seering, Miss Hattie Gibbs, Misses Lutsey and Fowler, Malcom Schweers. - Aug. 23, 1906.
n Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Anderson left Saturday for Wausau where they will visit a fwe days with their daughter, Mrs. J. C. Youmans. They will then go to Winona, Minn. to visit their daughter Mrs. S. S. Long and Mr. Anderson will go to Oklahoma to look after business matters. - Feb. 1919.
n Mr. Robert Magee of Laney and Mr. Jay Lutsey of Pittsfield returned Saturday from a trip to North Dakota where they visited relatives. - Nov. 1929.
n Mrs. Maude Wendt of Madison spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lutsey. - Nov. 1929.
n Mrs. Hatch has been visiting at Grandma Lutsey’s the past week. - Aug. 8, 1906.
n Edith and Ruth Lutsey made a trip to Advance Thursday. - Aug. 8, 1906.
n Maud and Jim Lutsey, Anna Bruce and Alma Rusch attended the institute at Shawano last week. - Aug. 8, 1906.
n Mrs. C. W. Magee of this city and daughter, Mrs. A. W. Prehn and little daughter, Ruth, were in Madison most of last week where they attended the doings of the university, Mrs. Prehn visiting some of her friends there. - June 26, 1917.
n A.N. Hazeltine, Aug. Anderson, J.C. Black and H.B. Richmond returned Thursday morning from EauClaire where they went to inspect the Gillette Rubber Co. of that city, a number of Shawano people have stock in the company which is meeting with marked success for a new company. - June 26, 1917.
n Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lutsey and Martha Magee spent Sunday with Mrs. Lutsey’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bruce. - April 1, 1920.
n Mrs. Thomas Lutsey is at Bonduel taking care of her daughter, Mrs. R. Wendt, who is sick. - March 11, 1920.
n Mrs. Jim Magee (Mary Anne), has been confined to her bed for the past week with rheumade fever. Henry Lutsey, the artist from Shawano, has been taking views in the village the past week. - Jan. 26, 1904.
n Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Lutsey and daughter, Doris, are visiting the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lutsey, 848 Pearl Street. They drove here from Winfield, Kan. Miss Alice Strupp, of Cecil, Wis., a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lutsey, is also visiting in this city. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lutsey and Mr. Lutsey’s brother, George Lutsey, of Larsen, attended the cheesemakers’ convention at Green Bay. - Nov. 23, 1928.
n Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lutsey, and daughter, Doris, of Winfield, Kan., visited Mr. Lutsey’s parents at their home, 844 Pearl street. Mr. and Mrs. Lutsey motored here from Iron Mountain, Mich. They will motor to Milwaukee and Mrs. Len Lutsey will accompany them. - Aug. 19, 1929.
n Mr. and Mrs. Harry Munroe of Chicago and Mrs. George Hatch and niece, Mabel Lutsey, of Shawano, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hatch, Cherry avenue. - July 18, 1904.
n Mrs. George Dunlap of Angelica has been visiting with her aunt, Miss Hannah Magee, Tuesday and Wednesday. - June 1910.
n Richard Magee has gone west - March 1911.
n Richard Magee of Willett, S.D., is visiting his relatives and friends here (Two Rivers). Mr. Magee owns a farm of 160 acres and devotes himself mostly to raising cattle. - Jan. 1914.
n Miss Rose Magee and Mae Hurst are eligible to membership in the Hikers Club. They hiked to Manitowoc. - Aug. 1910.
n A party of pretty maids consisting of Misses Mae and Hattie Hurst, Rose Magee, Grace Sister and Laura Beaton drove to the residence of Henry Heap of Gibson to be entertained at dinner. The girls employed no man to drive their horses. Miss Mae Hurst saw to it that the team made no misstep. The girls on their return said they much enjoyed the ride and the royal entertaining given by Mrs. Heap. - Sept. 1911.
n J. F. Magee, son Allen and Lester Oestreich motored to Madison Saturday and witnessed the football game between Wisconsin and Illinois universities. - Nov. 1922.
n Attending the County Convention S.D.P. at Manitowoc were Herman Wentorf, Arnold Zander, David Grover and Fred Althen. - June 1912.
n Miss Esther Grover of this city (Two Rivers) is spending several days visiting friends at Milwaukee. - July 1911.
n Among those who came home for their Thanksgiving dinner, teachers and students were ... Esther Grover of Stevens Point - Nov. 1915.
n Miss Esther Grover, who teaches school in northern Wisconsin, is at home during the enforced closing of schools on account of influenza. - Oct. 1918.
n Henry Grover was appointed by the Board of Education last night to fill the vacancy in the board of vocational education caused by the resignation of G. A. Magee. - May 1935.
n Mrs. Maude Wendt of Madison spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lutsey. - November 1929.